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Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher

Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Bob Christopher is a photographer based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. He travels extensively throughout the world and, as a result, has the opportunity to capture a host of beautiful images from all parts of the globe. Bob's photographic ability, passion, creativity and attention to detail make his images very desirable for the collector and the home decorator alike. Bob is interested in photographing a wide number of different subjects and has compiled an impressive collection of images for you to choose from to decorate your home or office or business areas. All of his images have a special look that are the result of his commitment to making photographs of the highest calibre.

Every aspect of each image is completely the photographic work of Bob Christopher. Nothing has been "lifted" or "acquired" from ready made images from the Internet...all images are completely the work of Bob Christopher.

Please check out the new gallery "Light is Everything In Photography The Magic Of Light" where you may find images that echo the belief that "It is the light that creates the Magic". YOU are also invited to visit the gallery titled "The Quickie Tour Of My Photography" for those of you who may wish to see a sampling of the full galleries images.

Some of the newest work is from Oregon photographing and traveling with Bob's wife Vivian Christopher who is also a featured photographer on FAA. Please check out her lovely work on FAA as well.

It is hoped you will enjoy what you see and come to visit often.

Bob Christopher has won awards in the Foothills Camera Club, Calgary...Canadian Geographic... Canadian Parks and Wilderness as well as in photographic contests throughout Canada. A small sample of my work can be seen Winning images can be seen at Canadian Geographic website (contest winners) and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (contest winners) website

My works Do Not Belong To The Public Domain.
All works in this portfolio are owned and © copyrighted by me. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited by law. All rights reserved


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